Colored Linen Thread TEX 40*3


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of colored linen thread, TEX 40x3, almost as thin as normal sewing thread for clothing, but much more resistant.Linen thread is made from fibers of the flax plant and is known for its strength, durability and shine natural. These are some of the qualities of the linen thread:


Color de Lino

Ideal for artisanal bookbinding work, such as Coptic stitching that requires a colored and low-gauge thread for light-weight paper booklets, such as 90-gram cultural paper, which forms thin booklets, where hemp thread is very thick.

Ideal for sewing textiles.

Linen thread is made from fibers of the flax plant and is known for its strength, durability, and natural luster. Here are some of the qualities of linen thread:

Strength: Linen thread is one of the strongest natural fibers, making it ideal for applications where strength is essential.

Durability: Linen thread is known for its durability and can last for many years without breaking down or weakening.

Smoothness: Linen thread is smooth to the touch, making it easy to work with in hand-sewing or machine-sewing projects.

Absorbency: Linen thread is highly absorbent, making it ideal for use in textiles such as towels, dishcloths, and other items that need to be able to absorb moisture.

Luster: Linen thread has a natural luster that gives it a beautiful appearance when used in textiles.

Resistance to abrasion: Linen thread is resistant to abrasion, meaning it can withstand wear and tear without breaking down.

Low elasticity: Linen thread has low elasticity, meaning it does not stretch or shrink as much as other fibers, making it ideal for use in applications where stability is essential.

Natural properties: Linen thread is hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal, making it a healthy and safe choice for use in textiles.

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Lino 100%
Calibre del Hilo
Grosor de la Hebra
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