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6.6 mm flat elegant colored...
Price $25.00

Flat elastic ribbons are thin, flexible strips of elastic material that are often used for sewing and crafting projects, as well as in apparel and accessories. They can be made from various materials such as nylon, polyester, and spandex, and come in a range of widths, colors, and patterns.

Flat colored elastic 6.6 mm wide, European product of excellent quality and resistance. Perfect for notebooks, diaries, folders and personalized products that require fine and well-combined finishes. We have more than 30 colors.

Crepe Paper for Spine...
Price $6.00

Crepe type paper to reinforce book spines, 3.5 cm wide. Ideal for square spine notebooks. Imported product. Price per meter.

Listón de Tafetán Europeo...
Price $6.50

 Listón de tafetán de 9 mm de ancho, ideal para planners, libretas, cajas y estuches de cartón rígido. 

2.8 mm Round Elastic Neon...
Price $14.60

Round elastic 2.8 mm in diameter. Ideal for Midoris, boxes with string type clasp and more.

European product.

30% polyester and 70% latex

Tarlatana For Imported...
Price $84.00

Imported tarlatana for binding, starched 75 gr/m2, 100% cotton. Measurements: 50 x 106 cm (length x width).

5mm Velvet Ribbon
Price $14.00

5 mm wide velvet ribbon, ideal for bookmarks and as decoration of fine products.

European product.


Hemp Thread for...
Price $220.00

Package of hemp threads. 12 pieces of 25 m each, 00 gauge, .9 mm strand thickness. Ideal for binding Coptic-style notebooks, long stitch, and more, it is also perfect for crafts, such as bracelets. 


Off-white Linen Thread for...
Price $76.00

Off-white linen thread, TEX 40x3, 50 meters. Perfect for facsimiles of leather-covered binding, for restoration, leather goods, shoemaking and quality crafts.


Paper toucans.
Price $112.00

Italian paper of 85 grams, acid free, matte finish. ideal for notebooks, pens, cases, boxes, decoupage, scrapbook and creative projects.

Measurements: Full sheet 50*70 cm.

Useful area: +- 1 cm.

* Colors may vary due to your computer's screen and resolution.

*If you need to know the proportion of the figures, you only need to have a pen handy.


5mm Satin Ribbon For Books
Price $5.17

5mm wide satin ribbon. Ideal as a book and notebook separator. European product.